Liron Segev

:: CEO, Entrepreneur, IT Consultant, Business Believer and
:: Social Mobility Specialist - just ask me how ?

A bit about me

During my career, I have been involved in various aspects of the Information Technology world in South Africa, United Kingdom and Israel

Having been exposed in the UK to massive communications (I looked after 110 000 email users around the globe), I saw an opportunity - Mobile Communication

I relocated back to South Africa and started a company called SwiftSMS whose aim is to provide SMS solutions to businesses.
The company has flourished since its launch in June 2000, survived the Bubble Burst and continues to be a highly sought after SMS provider.

In 2005, I recognised another gap in the market - there were (and still are) many companies who need an external independent opinion about their IT network, infrastructure, current issues and security. To address this, I started another company - Swift Consulting whose aim is to provide IT consulting service to businesses.
Since Swift Consulting is not affiliated to any organisation or product we are always able to give the business the correct advice (unlike a company's representative who will always push a product that provides them the most commission).

Software Development:
In almost every situation and organisation there is a need for automation - this eliminates the human-error factor.
I am fortunate to have discovered my skill for development in the early stages of my career and recognised that Databases combined with the Internet can be a very powerful set of tools.
I have since taken development to a whole new level, developing software for the web, the desktop, servers as well as mobile phones

My Passion :
I am one of those few fortunate people who lives their passion every day through their work. The total fascination that I have with the various challenges that business owners face on a daily basis, drives me.
Being approached by companies to assist in solving some of these challenges daily, I provide consultation services including Systemising a Business, Identifying business requirements, restructuring and implementing corporate governance.

Contact Me:

Give me a call on +27 83 788 1911