Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy closeSo you read the quick overview here and wanted more info? You found it – here goes:

I have been in the IT space since 1998. During my career, I have been worked, consulted, and covered tech in various aspects in the USA, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

I have extensive real hands-on geeky stuff such as setting up complicated international WANS and supporting over 110 000 Email users across the globe of one of the top financial firms.

I have also covered both enterprise and consumer tech space on my various platforms. As part of the Press/Media Journalist, I have been hosted by international brands at their events around the globe.

Back in 1998, I saw an opportunity in Mobile Communication.

I founded a company called SwiftSMS where I developed software that allows businesses to send bulk SMS; the first of its kind in the country.

After automating that business, I recognized another gap in the market – there were (and still are) many companies that need an external independent opinion about their IT network, infrastructure, issues, and security. To address this, I founded Swift Consulting where we provided IT consulting services to businesses.

In 2008, I launched a website which is now an award-winning blog known as,

I have been working with local and global brands creating digital campaigns, consulting on strategy, and have been hosted at product launches around the globe such as the US, China, Spain, England, the Netherlands to name but a few.

My YouTube channel has over 175 000 subscribers, with over 1.5million monthly video views and over 70 000 hours of my videos are being watched monthly.

I love the community that I have built, and am fortunate and thankful to be able to work in Tech and Marketing world with incredible people.