My name is Liron Segev, or you might know me as TheTechieguy.

I am an internationally celebrated Digital Strategist, YouTube Consultant, award-winning Tech Influencer, and Podcaster.

I am the editor and author of and I host and produce the Liron Segev YouTube channel. A YouTube channel with over 290 000 subscribers, over 1.5 million monthly views, and 96 000 hours worth of videos watched monthly!

I have developed content strategies for some of the world’s best-known brands and consistently work with the largest YouTubers on the platform developing their growth strategies.

Here are just some of the brands and people I have worked with:

brands I work with TheTechieGuy


My tech background comes from being in the technology space since 1998 where I have worked in South Africa, England, and the USA on various products and projects. From the real geeky stuff such as supporting over 110 000 Email users across the globe to business analyst and product management roles, and of course, covering the tech space as an analyst and journalist point of view.

I have had the honor of working with some of the most amazing people!

If you would like a deeper dive into who I am, check that out here.

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Liron and GaryVee
Liron Segev with Gary Vee – CEO of VaynerMedia

Liron Segev and Jim Louderback

Liron Segev with Jim Louderback – GM of VidCon

Liron and Jackspeticeye
Liron Segev with Jacksepticeye -over 24m subscribers
Liron and Jase Bennett
Liron Segev with Jase Bennett, TheOhana Aventure: over 3m subscribers
Liron and Jackfilms
Liron Segev with Jacksfilms. Over 4.7m subscribers
Liron and Matt Patt
Liron Segev with Matt Patt – over 13m subscribers
Liron and James Odd1out
Liron Segev with James from TheOds1out – over 15.3m subscribers
Liron and Shonduras
Liron Segev with Shonduras – over 2.4m subscribers
Liron and Sean Holladay
Liron Segev with Co-Founder of The Spacestation –
Liron Segev with Preston Arsement – gaming legend – 14m subs
Liron with iJustine at vlogUniversity
Liron Segev with iJustine – over 6.5m subscribers
Liron and Evan Carmichael
Liron Segev with Evan Carmichael – with over 2.4m subscribers