Know Your Viewer

Success on YouTube starts when you really understand your viewer beyond just their age & their country.

It’s time to go beyond your audience’s demographics and focus on your audience’s PSYCHOGRAPHICS – what makes them tick?

If you can work your what makes your audience tick, you can work out what makes them click!

How do you do that?

When I work with my clients, I go through an entire day of defining the audience and I use a worksheet to ask the questions that need to be asked so that we can make content that they will love and watch!

You need to do the same. 

If you would like the worksheet that I use with my clients, simply complete this form and I will send it to you FREE.

Best Regards,
Liron Segev

ps. If you don’t get your Worksheet (or if the email is stuck in SPAM) please feel free to email [email protected] with the subject Avatar Worksheet and he will send it over again.